Wednesday, August 8, 2012


My sister has bearded dragon lizards. Eli had never been up close to a lizard before this. His curiosity was there until it was placed on his arm...
Then he got creeped out and was horrified by them!

And I wasn't quick enough to get a clear shot of his horror...but it's still funny though!

 My niece on the other hand would carry this fella everywhere if she were allowed...she loves them!

 I suppose I refused to have a child afraid of if it would send him into some phobic state and we'd be visiting therapists for the rest of his life...
so I forced him to touch it and get comfortable with it..
And it worked.
 And while he is still hesitant over these little guys, he let out a few giggles...


  1. That first picture cracks me up, but I'm glad he came around to them a little. Isn't it some kind of rule that little boys are supposed to like lizards? :)

    1. Right?! Maybe someday he'll love them! Thanks for another sweet comment:)

  2. Poor little guy! You are too funny, but I agree! I would have gotten my little one comfortable with them too. She saw a bunch of lizards in Florida when we were on vacation and absolutely loved them (of course they weren't on her)! I was actually thinking of buying her one as a pet :o)

    1. Goodness, maybe girls are just braver with that then boys?! haha They make good pets according to my sister!

  3. Your captures are so good that you almost made those creepy little creatures look cute. Almost :) They look great but I would never ever hold them in my hand. Wonderful memories you are making again ♥

    1. Thank you! They are a little wiggly which makes them creepy for sure! And my boy sides with you on that! haha


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