Monday, September 24, 2012

A Farewell to Summer...

Not much has happened around here lately. Mostly, getting back to normal after summer---pulling out dead plants and storing fun summer things away til next year.

We've started winter clothes shopping and pulled out the coats and jackets...
It's not cold yet, but the 6 degree drop was enough to send me there.
I ordered my round of scentsy in all fall smells (looking forward to pumpkin spice filling the house, making me starving!)...
And decorated the house in cutsie fall chatskis...
 It was official when I decorated the table with fresh sunflowers (my absolute favorite flower)..

And so, I guess this is the last opportunity I have to share these adorable summer photos from our camping trip.

They just can't sit on my hard drive collecting dust...nope.

Goodbye Summer...

I sure will miss camping. I love sleeping under the stars, then waking up early and having coffee by a campfire. It tastes better somehow.

I loved the simplicity of our days. No tv or phone, or outside distractions. Just one on one family time.
I actually regretted bringing the playdoh, as much as he loved it---it was full of dirt and hair after just a couple minutes. One thing about camping is you cannot be a clean freak like me!
It is pointless!

We camped on the beach, but not ON the beach. I loved it better because there was a lot less sand. But we could still see the ocean, and spot all the living animals coming up for breaths of air. So neat. I think I sat for hours just waiting for them to surface!

And we spent half our days scouting the beach for shells and rocks. I could live like that. It felt like living. The days were enriched, but relaxing.

When we weren't at the campsite or the beach, we were riding bikes. I would wake up, throw some clothes on and get us on our bikes to "explore". We found this great "hobbit" forest complete with gnarly trees and probably fairies...and of course hobbits.

Probably the cutest picture from my 300 snaps. I just adore him. Every time I turn around he is a little bigger,  a little older. I sort of panic when I think about how quickly he is growing...I mean, he is walking the dog here, in full did that happen?!

See, why I couldn't let these go to waste? 
Goodbye Summer. I miss you so much already!


  1. I'm glad you didn't let them collect dust. You got some great shots! I agree with you, every time I turn around my kids are bigger and older and need me a little less. I'm glad that you enjoyed your camping trip!

  2. Aw great camping pictures! I love a good camping weekend. And fall scents are a staple in my home once Autumn is here. They change the whole atmosphere.

  3. Beautiful memories you captured! I will miss summer too... but pumpkin spice, I love ;)

    Great shots!!

  4. great pictures ! i don't love summer so i am thrilled it and the hot temperatures are going. ;] i prefer to be cold and bundled up on the couch or in bed with a big, soft blanket and hot chocolate !

  5. I just love that last photo too! He's like a little man! Looks like you had fun camping! I love biking too! I don't know what it is that is so relaxing! I actually love camping more in the Fall with the cooler temps. I love how cool it gets at night, layer my clothes, and really relying on that fire to keep me warm :o)

  6. Love these photos!!! Blessings, Anna


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