Friday, September 14, 2012

September 8th...A Day To Remember Always

For our anniversary, Justin and I celebrated by visiting where we were married, 10,000 feet up in the San Jacinto Mountains over looking Palm Springs, Ca. 

(We also had our first real date there and a year later he proposed, then almost three years later were married!)

I had butterflies in my stomach as we took the Tram up to the top. It still scares the you know what outta me every time the tram sways and climbs in elevation.
But once we reached the top, it was as serene and quiet as I remembered it to be...and we just walked the forest trails hand in hand, stopping at all the same spots...

Then we changed awkwardly in the truck for a super fancy dinner. Although, we didn't even bother taking pictures of our dashing selves since we felt it might kill the romantic mood:)
It was the most enjoyable dinner...I ordered duck salad, Filet Mignon with Lobster Risotto and paired it with a Cabernet blend.
Justin ordered the most delicious Scallop appetizer over this amazing corn puree ( I was jealous) and a New York steak, arugula salad and Parmesan fries---and of course dessert, Chocolate Mousse cookies crisps with Raspberry Sorbet. For a short while we felt just like adults without a child!

Towards the end of dinner, we were sharing just what we meant to each other, and I cried! I was so caught with emotion that five years together had passed and that he has been there through all my memories...

And then I gave him my gift.

I had to travel over 80 miles to have the box engraved since no place closer would do such a small job in such a short notice. I stained and lined it myself...and added our original wedding vows, along with my new ones. They were just sitting in a filing cabinet before!
In case you didn't know...wood is the theme for five years...hence, my gift.

And here is the gift he gave me the night before...
It's a picture I took of a rock and flower our son brought to me...the first ever. I kept them and then photographed them...

Overlayed was his vows to me. Made me cry!
 We were on the same page with the vow thing...
I think we are pretty good at gifts....

We had my mom watch Eli so we could go on a date. It was odd to have the freedom to converse for longer than two seconds, and to have time to be absorbed in just each other.
We have since decided date night is a must.

We took impromptu pictures by the railway near my mom's house..tripod was handy for a couple's shot, but not the piece for the camera...we were so bummed because we wanted shots together...

And I realize you might be bored with this post. But we get so little time together...that these photos bring memories back for me of the spot we were married. And without that history, a lot of me is irrelevant on this sit tight...there's more.

We chose to get married in these mountains because of the special significance it held...and made our guests hike 3 miles to see us get married. I changed in a cave into my wedding dress, borrowed my mom's earrings (since she realized I had none in!) and walked down a wedding path only God could have carved. It was serene, perfect...and would you believe I wasn't the least bit sweaty or disheveled after that hike?!
This is a shot from the mountains where I live. When we were heading down for our date, the sky was full of clouds and I jumped out of my skin to get a picture. 

The way we were married was a reflection of us and who we were as a couple...we love the outdoors, we love beauty...we love adventure and each other. Our original plan was to elope to Hawaii and get married barefoot...but we couldn't break my parent's hearts and deprive them of their first daughter's wedding.

If you would like to read more about our wedding and our start into parenthood...that is HERE...

Sorry, for the long post...but I have even more amazing pictures from our camping trip to come...


  1. I love that you're doing the traditional wedding gifts. That's my plan too. Of course, I've only gotten as far as we'll see how it goes in years to come. Looks like a beautiful anniversary! And that definitely makes for a interesting wedding story--that you and your guests had to hike to the perfect location. Awesome!

    1. You will get there before you know it. Time goes so fast! Thank you!

  2. I love the gifts. So romantic! I love the engraving on the box too. Beautiful pictures too.

    1. Thank you! He said that scripture as part of his vows to me. Of course I had to condense it to fit on the box, but I still love it..and love that in time, maybe one of our children can have it for a treasure, knowing how much mommy and daddy were in love:)


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