Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Okay, so this.
This sort of makes me want another one.
I remember that love and joy from expecting a new bundle.
Love that I got to be the one to capture a special moment for them.


  1. When we decided to have a second, it brought me more joy than my heart could handle!! We were over the moon. Then, I started feeling guilty. Afraid that Michael would be upset, or wouldn't understand.... Don't think that way! Michael and aoden are so in love with each other. It's so wonderful and beautiful to watch them together. If you are ready, go for it! Everyone is doing it ;-)

    1. I don't think I am worried about Eli as much as myself. Just doing it again. Starting all the stages over again...maybe, someday.

  2. I can remember how happy I was when I was pregnant; it was such a wonderful time! I'm kind of bummed I didn't get many camera captures! These are beautiful!


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