Friday, October 5, 2012

Awakening Discovery

Today I decided to go on a nature walk with Eli. Near our house is a creek that runs to the lake (we have a bridge to our house and in the winter there is water, but our dries up before the other little creek does)...and I really wanted to get to it. I discovered that there is actually a little hidden dirt road to it and so we traveled up it. To my surprise there were homes down in there. I don't know how they get down there! 

Eli's surprise and fascination shone bright as we explored this "hidden" secret only him and I knew....or at least we pretended that. We collected rocks, listened for birds and drug sticks through the dirt. I am glad we have this little "treasure" so close by and plan on taking him there everyday until the weather is no longer nice enough. 
I think it is important to discover things with your kids. When were were growing up, we couldn't wait to wake up to go to our tree fort, collect frogs and play pretend house (at least I did, being the oldest girl and having six brothers!)...

When we got home, we were dirty, tired and FULFILLED. My mom would have a stack of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and a bowl of apples for us to munch on. I don't know how we managed with such a big household, but those are the memories that make up who I am. I want that for Eli.
So lots of nature walks, discovering and time outdoors. 

Do you have a place you go with your kids, or something you remember from childhood?

P.S. Don't you love his fluffy little bird hair right now? We are growing it out from its short summer version and he just has the most baby fine hair still. Melts my heart with those big saucer eyes he has!

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