Saturday, October 6, 2012

Eli, Right Now

My previous post I told of a place we are going to try to go everyday before the weather gets cold...
We held true and did it again today.

It's things like this that Eli and I get to do together that show me just how much he is growing and made me reflect that just since this time last year how much he has changed.

I thought I would make a little list so I can remember this phase...wish I did this last year.

1) "That's cool, huh, mom?" --his most used phrase. He says it constantly. Everything is so cool to him!

2) "Oh my goodness"---another one. This one melts me in my tracks every time.

3) He is still obsessed with cars, but lately has really taken to trains. He sets up his track on our ottoman in the living room all the time. He is constantly bringing toys from his room by the armful and setting them there.

4) He is in size 3T and a 7/8 shoe. He was 30lbs at his last Dr. appt. I need to measure and weigh him this week because he is growing like crazy! He will not stay out of the fruit bowl on the counter!

5) He loves apples...and fruit in general. He pretty much calls all fruit apples..besides bananas. Last year he hated bananas and peanut butter, this year he likes it!

6) He is the most cuddly love bug ever. I never prompt him for hugs or kisses. It is almost overwhelming how many he can give. But I never tire of it. And he still would rather fall asleep on my chest than anywhere else.

7) He just stopped nursing last week and it has been really tough on him. He still wants/ asks for it all the time. Breaks my heart.

8) He is very athletic. He can throw a ball like a 5 year old. We have three stories in our home and he manages (has been for some time) all those stairs. He has some serious muscles in his legs.

9) He loves Curious George. It doesn't matter what he is doing or playing with, he stops and watches til it is over!

10) He knows how to count to five. He can repeat the ABC's, but it is froggy, and he knows most of his shapes. He is good with colors, but his favorite is blue, so most colors end up being blue...

I love that in just the last month he is talking more like a kid and less like an ewok, but I will miss when his little voice doesn't sound like that anymore.

I am sure I could go on and on, but these stand out. I am so glad that I love capturing his little face, in a year it won't look the same! ;(


  1. Such a good idea to document this phase! It goes so fast! I'm dreading weaning from nursing.

    1. Thank you, it really does go so fast! And it is crazy what you forget! Weaning is no picnic, especially when you've nursed a long time like us. My mom keeps saying it gets easier and he will forget, but we are not there yet. Enjoy the time you get to nurse, it is such a gift God gives us for our babies and really a short time.


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