Friday, October 5, 2012

My Goal this Week(after one stressful one)

I had a goal this week to capture more of my own memories, things I like, or whatever I felt like...
but it hasn't really gone accordingly so far. 

Two reasons:

My computer completely crashed in the middle of editing a client's session!

And I just couldn't pull myself together to take photos after that happened....because where would I put them?

It was such an unfortunate thing to have happen, considering that the photos hadn't been saved (not all of them) since they were in process, so I was sure they were lost. 
I said one last goodbye 'please Lord' prayer to recover them, and I had just enough time to move them to my external and then bam, the computer died...

And this unfortunate event led me to go buy a new computer of which I was certain I wasn't going to get.
 So, I guess things happen for a reason?!

But now, I feel back to my original goal. I am ready to get my camera to snapping. 

(And p.s. it is so nice to have a computer (laptop) that doesn't take five minutes to open one page, and stays on when I ask it to! Not to mention, it is in my living more being confined in my lonely loft...

Sharing a couple from a recent session that I almost lost!

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