Sunday, October 7, 2012

Simple Things Sunday | Fall Welcome

These are the last of my flowers...the only ones gophers couldn't get to and destroy...
because they are in pots.
 You better believe I have babied these last few just to "extend" summer here. 

And even though the weather hasn't exactly screamed "fall" here lately, there is no confusion in mother nature.

It is still going off without a hitch.

I can't say that I am exactly sad that summer has ended and fall has begun, even though just a few short weeks ago I was really adamant about wearing flip flops all winter, even in the snow.

But the beauty that is surrounding us right now with changing leaves and the light slowly getting darker earlier has reminded me that more "cuddly" times are just around the corner.

Fires, hot cocoa, scarves (this I am ecstatic for), knee boots and early movie nights doesn't sound all that bad...


  1. I love the leaf images, so beautiful!

  2. Love your tender shots of family, love those special moments.. and the leaf images are not the only one who baby your plant :) i do the same ..Lol

  3. I'm ready for Fall too. Though it was hard for me to let go of summer this year. What beautiful fall color and dreamy bokeh you captured!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I am so ready for fall, too. Bring on the cool weather and cuddling by the fire!

  5. Pretty petunias! This weekend I gave up on my potted pretties and put them in the trash. But I am loving the fall weather and the beautiful foliage!


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