Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Perfect Pumpkin

Going to a pumpkin patch right before Halloween is very cliche, but there is a reason why everyone does it.

There's something magical about eating fair food (roasted corn, anyone?)and spending too much money to pet goats, ride ponies and drive tractors. 
Worth every penny, I'd say.

Eli had come to this same patch the year before and loved it, but it's amazing what a difference just a year makes. The fact that he can now pronounce the different animals names clearly is enough to make Justin and I share looks of wonderment and joy.

It's a bittersweet reminder of how fast life goes...

He loved the way the babies followed their mommas and the way the bigger goats tugged at his shirt for food. I loved the way he held his cup of food out for them...his nurturing heart shone through bright.

There were a few things on his toddler agenda and "horse" back riding (or rather pony) was one of them. Gotta admit that his little expression each time the ponies made a full circle helped me look past the fact that these poor animals are a slave to the fair.

It's amazing that just a few hours together as a family is enough to recharge us til the next time we get to do it again.

With each activity at three to four tickets a piece (equate that to dollars and you see what I mean), we had to be choosy about which activities were important to do. 
If he had seen the power wheels earlier, we would have been there for the entirety. Such a boy.

Then began the quest for a pumpkin.

Justin and I didn't grow up celebrating Halloween and so the concept of things like this is still new for us, as is the whole dressing up scenario. I prefer not to celebrate Halloween still, but more Autumn.

Choosing a pumpkin proved a difficult task for Eli, who would walk past one, say "squishy" and move on.
I appreciated his choosiness.
But he did find a keeper. One big enough that it was quite a task for him to carry it. His pride shone through...and so did mine, but unrelated to pumpkin choosing.

And please take the time to read the story of This incredible woman, Heather, who battled mesothelioma when her daughter was just three months old...and has survived incredibly...
But not just that aims to spread awareness and support to others who might be going through a similar struggle. We're all mommas in this thing together, and can only imagine how something like that might affect us. It's important to keep their trials and triumphs (as well as our own) close to heart and be there for one another!


  1. What fantastic memories you are making! That looks like a ton of fun. Great shots! And you are totally gorgeous by the way ;)

  2. He looks like he really enjoyed that outing a lot! The look on his face when he was carrying his pumpkin is priceless! You guys are making some great family memories together.

  3. Love the pumpkin patch! By the way, you have the most beautiful eyes!!!


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