Saturday, November 3, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness

If you've been on facebook lately, then you've seen people posting about what they are thankful for...
It is after all November, the month of giving and thanks. 

I must admit that in the past, I felt those status' sort of silly. Like be thankful all year people! 
And then seeing them fill up my feed sort of brought about the scrooge in me---ba-humbug!

I thought about it and realized that even though people are only expressing it this month, at least they are doing so, thinking of things to be grateful for and reminding themselves of all the blessings they have.
Surely, that can't be such a bad thing?

I decided to join in. But then I thought, I want to think hard about the things I am thankful for...not just family, friends, life...the obvious.
Dig a little deeper.

So, so far...
Day 1: Thankful for a clean house. 

(Really, I am. When it can stay clean for 3.5 minutes after spending an hour or more getting it that way...Man, I am thankful!)

Day 2: Thankful for a delicious cup of coffee filled with creamer.

 (I didn't drink coffee for two years. I just started to again. In fact, I didn't even have a coffee maker for awhile. Then after I quit nursing (a month ago), I got one and began a cup a day filled with half creamer; I like it sweet. And somehow, waking up to an energetic toddler doesn't bother me as much with the aroma of coffee filling the house, waiting for me.)

Day 3: Thankful for my husband of 5 years, who is a great supporter, is loyal and a loving daddy. Life wouldn't be complete without him. 

(A more mushy thankful post. But I mean it. This morning he dressed our son in wrinkly pants and a monster truck shirt, threw on a baseball hat and took him to our favorite Bagel place. I just felt so blessed to have someone who provides well enough for me to stay with our son, develop my own aspirations and loves me whole heartedly even though I don't deserve it sometimes.)

So, will you join? What are you thankful for??? 
And think about it.


  1. Aaaawww, mommy. I love you. You are sure to be in my thankful post too:)

  2. Wonderful things to be thankful for! And I hear ya on the clean house, lol. ;)


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