Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bedtime Bliss

Bed time is a sacred thing around here. 
While I am not overly strict about him being in bed at exactly 8:30, it almost always happens right before or around that time.
I've loved co-sleeping while we nursed and once it was done, I knew that it was time for him to become independent and enjoy the splendors of his own bed.

Breaking a child from the parent's bed to their bed is a task...but we have got it down.

Brush teeth (I am meticulous about making sure he has clean teeth), books (at least three or more!), prayer, and then I sing him to sleep. 

Maybe I toot my own horn about the last one?! Singing has always been something I do without anyone hearing (and I am not too shabby), but for him...I belt it out. I sing every lullaby I know, John Lennon's Imagine, Twinkle Twinkle, Somewhere over the Rainbow and any other melodic ones I know.
I love how we start with books...almost always these same ones and when I am through he runs to get more. The stack never seems to dwindle until I finally put my foot down and insist it is time for bed. Then he puts his tiny little fingers in mine and we say a prayer. I love that without any prompting, he finishes with Amen.
Then I sing or hum. 
Within five minutes he is out. I turn on his glow turtle and turn up some white noise and bask in the glory of getting to be his mommy and [maybe there's a little victory dance that it worked yet again!] It is such a blessing to be the one who tucks him in every night. Some nights daddy helps...but mostly it is just us.

I sort of hope/pray he never tires of this routine.
How do you get your littles to sleep?


  1. Enjoy!!! I miss those baby years!

    sandy toe

    1. They already feel like they are going too fast!

  2. I think it is so awesome that you take so much time to read. I love the picture. I don't have any kids yet, but for Christmas I buy all my little cousins books.

    1. Thank you! My mom always read to us and I love doing it for him.


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