Thursday, November 29, 2012

Eli Gets Crafty

In the process of getting into the Christmas spirit here (yes, for me it is a process...I may have even purposely put Christmas jammies on to help), I let Eli decorate his own Christmas tree. 

I love little handmade things all over the house (I save all his church crafts!)..and thought this would be cute.

Aside from me cutting everything and giving some direction on where things should go, he did it all himself...that's saying a lot for a two year old!

He couldn't wait to glue the gold star at the top...never even showed him where it was supposed to go!

We put it up on our fridge for the moment for him to "ooh and aaah" over his hard work.

I don't think this needs a tutorial. If you want to make one with your littles just dig through your craft stuff like I did and cut out like so :)


  1. That is SO cute! I love the shot of him concentrating so hard. I love those moments.

  2. so cute. such focus. such pride in his work. love..

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  3. Very cute! What a great craft! Found you through a blog hop and excited to be a new follower! Hope you will stop by my site if you get a chance!


  4. Too cute. He's absolutely proud of his creation. You can tell that he was completely into what he was doing. Following you through the Friendly Friday hop.

  5. Awww! It looks like he had such a fun time! The smile on his face says it all!


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