Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family Photos

The other day we attempted family photos. I forced my family out the door since the light was setting quick and the next possible time to do this was who-knows-when.

I literally woke Eli thirty mins into his nap and rushed us out the door. I think everyone was less than pleased to say "cheese"...but I keep feeling left out with all these shoots I do for others and none for my own family.

I do think I may reattempt to drag them out the door for some more since it was near impossible for my camera not to meter off the light with me not behind it to control it and then the 10 secs I had to have myself in the picture from a self-timer. (Yet to get a it is on my to-do list)

But we did manage to have fun, get some shots and perhaps there will be some new frames on my wall soon.


  1. Love each and everyone of them, especially the last one;) Great shots!!

  2. It is hard to get some shots when you're always behind the camera, but these turned out beautifully!

  3. It's pretty impressive that you can take your own family pictures, that's for sure! You guys look so cute!

  4. Aw, these are great! Such joy, I love it!

  5. They are beautiful captures of your sweet family!

  6. I know the feeling!
    I set up our family picture every year and have a friend snap away! Our most recent family picture is the one on my header. We took it last month.

    1. It sure is tricky doing them yourself. Maybe next time I will have a friend help!


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