Saturday, November 10, 2012

First Snow this Season

"It snowed, Momma!"

Picture him rubbing his eyes, in his Buzz Lightyear underwear, desperately opening curtains so he could see everything all covered in white.
It wasn't much of a snow, only a few inches...but I quickly bundled both of us up after breakfast and braved the 20 degree chill outside. 
His ear to ear grin warmed me up though!


  1. I love the expression on his face... he looks so happy


  2. He's so cute! It looks like he was prepared for about a foot more of snow than you actually had--but it's fun that he was excited to go out in the dusting of snow you got. I'm never excited about snow!

  3. Cute! Love the moss on the tree. Awesome contrast with the snow! And love the little one too, of course :)

  4. Oh my goodness! My kids would be in heaven ;)

    Great shots!

  5. Lovely LeiShell! I've missed reading here, so I've added you to my top 10 list because that seems to be as far as I get in my reading lately. Blessing to you and yours dear. Anna


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