Saturday, November 17, 2012

I wouldn't Trade It

As I got ready today, and rushed through a shower, doing my hair and makeup, then searching for something that wasn't wrinkled to save more time, I realized the speed at which I do things now that I am a parent as opposed to before when I had hours to get ready if I wanted to.

So much thought went into what I would wear, how I would do my makeup and maybe there was a little too much vanity.

And it got me thinking about how Justin and I used to just get up and go for a weekend if we wanted to. We spent many weekends away just lounging by a pool somewhere. Now I just struggle to get five minutes alone to the store. So many little selfish sacrifices made to be a parent, non of which I would trade to have all those conveniences back.
If you told a non-parent all those things they might give up, well, not sure they would want to be one. 

Somehow, though, we choose to focus on the highlights of raising a human being...not the mundane routines we go through daily to get to those memorable, treasured moments.

We'll even be fine with doing it again and again.
Because of the simple joys that children bring to our everyday lives. Like playing "peek-a-boo" behind window curtains, or hearing their little voices form their own versions of words, or a small hand fitting so perfectly in yours.

So many of these simple things could easily go unnoticed if we choose to, but when life is as busy and unforgiving as it is, it's these moments that put it all in perspective. 

I wouldn't trade cleaning up sticky fingers for a walk on a beach alone for anything in the whole world.


  1. This little one is so cute. Look at the pure joy in that smile. I love your comments. I can totally relate to your "Mom" perspective and feelings. Well done!

  2. Love that smile! I love that you wouldn't trade sticky fingers for anything else. I can't have children. So, I hope you give your little one extra hugs for me! Stopping by to say hi from the Simple Things!

  3. THis is so true. Being a Parent is definitely life changing, but it some of the most incredible ways. Hugs to you Mama! Eli is lucky to have you

  4. This is so true. And I love his giant smile :)

  5. Aww! That's so great that you've learned how to accept this different, and more unselfish stage of life with grace, and not resentment!

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    new follower bev

  7. So sweet, I'm right there with you! Driving in a car by myself is like a luxury now haha! But I wouldn't trade in any of those "inconveniences" for the short time I have with my little boy. I know these moments are over so quickly! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and following! Following you back!


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