Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Little Dinosaur

By the third stop, Eli was a straight pro at getting candy. He would say "trick or treat" then "thank you" all on his own.


He wasn't very fond of houses that were decorated scary.
He would say "spooky", and back away cautiously.
Can't say I blame him, even I'm not a fan!

In true Dinosaur form he made sure to "rawr" a lot, realizing it got him quite the reaction and in turn, more candy---always a good thing!

Once visiting all the different stores and then a nearby neighborhood known for its halloween decor and candy, we turned in for the night, just after dark. Justin and I spent the rest of the evening fighting over the few pieces of chocolate he got.
Seriously people.
Give more chocolate!


  1. So sweet! Love his costume and his Grrr face in the last picture :)

  2. he has the sweetest face! I cant remember, was this his first year of trick or treating? Michael had so much fun, but Aiden was over it pretty last. He was totally creeped out by decorations and wanted me to hold him.

    1. It was his second,but last year he was in a stroller, this year he walked all of it! Poor Aiden, I get scared too!


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