Thursday, December 13, 2012


I've been wanting to update my bloggy with some photos of our everyday with pictures from my instagram, however, my phone is on the fritz.

So currently:
 I've had my spotify on repeat listening to The Civil Wars and Michael Buble Christmas...check 'em out.

 Doing lots of baking, crockpot meals (plan on sharing a recipe for Butternut Squash I made up--phenomenal!) and making Handmade PineCone Ornaments the last two days...

Enjoying about 6 inches of snow with the intent for more...(writing is so therapeutic with snow falling softly, a quiet house and delicious goods a bakin'.)

 Finished up two editing sessions last week and preparing for a surprise engagement this weekend. Business is steady.

Did my Christmas shopping online for Eli (lots of trains, cars and a new room remodel on its way!) Still need to get something for the hubs.

Taking a break from the mundane and spending lots of time with friends and little ones lately...

So, what is currently happening for you?!?!


From my last session. Aah, there is just something about a new baby!


  1. aww!! sweet baby photos. <3

    You guys have snow?! I figured it was still to warm there, but I guess not where you are at.

    1. Yes, we do! Love California weather:)

  2. What sweet pics! So glad to hear business is steady ;) And, my kids would be in heaven with all that snow ;)

    1. Thank you:) We haven't been able to go out in it yet since it is soo frigid and windy...but I brought him a bucket full and laid a towel down and let him go to town, haha

  3. Hi there! I'm new to your blog from the hop and wow - can I just say you have a gorgeous family? I love your header with those pictures. And there's something about baby toes from your last shoot that just make me smile. They're so tiny, so cute.

    Anyway, I'm excited to be your newest follower and network with you! Let's be blog friends?


  4. Hi! I stopped by your blog and the photos are amazing! Happy Holidays!


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