Friday, December 28, 2012


Does a mother ever tire of watching her babies sleep?

I think not.

Probably the most amazing part of his growing up is hearing him talk and express himself. All his own thoughts and desires finally coming out of that little head of his. I wondered so much of who he would be when he was in my womb...and slowly, I can see a glimpse.

He's happy, kind hearted, diligent with his games and what he likes (cars, cars and cars)...

He has a silly sense of humor. He knows it too..."that's silly!", he says all the time.
 He's observant and won't let a thought go until it is acknowledged-I adore his persistence most of the time:)

He does little chores for me-"let the dog out, throw this in the trash, put away your jammies"- all with eagerness and pride.

He never tires of cuddling or sitting in my lap; loves to sleep right on me still.
 (Am I boring you with this mushy post?!
 Who cares it's for me anyways.)

 I have to highlight these memories in my own little memory scrapbook...because if you're a parent, one thing you've noticed is that time never stands still.

Maybe because we are approaching 2013 I have this urge to soak it all in...after all, he was born in 2010..where did that go?!

Tonight he sung his lullaby along with me...his eyes barely opened and his hand tucked tightly into mine. I nearly lost my eyes to tears and the song sounded like I was under water (at least to me, since those tears began to fill my ears)...
He knew the melody. 

I've sung the same lullaby to him since he was in my tummy, then for the last two and a half years...
You see, on January 1st, he will be 2 1/2 and if you remember when they are babies, you count every milestone and month...proudly announcing each one.

But as they get older...the halves and months don't get counted. Seems odd saying he is 30 mos, that's because he isn't a baby anymore...a fact I am well aware.

One consolation to losing time, is gaining new memories.
What will 2013 bring?

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  1. You definitely never get tired of watching your babies sleep. I was just staring and Michael a few minutes ago. Time certainly does not stand still. Sometimes I stare at my babies and just start crying because of how beautiful and special they are, but mostly because I am so grateful that god chose me to be their mother. They grown so so fast and sometimes when I am super frustrated when they won't stay in bed, or mad because they slash everywhere in the tub, I have to remind myself that one day I'm going to wish that they still did that stuff.


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