Saturday, December 29, 2012

"The Icebox"

Living in California definitely has its upside and its for one, our weather changes on the toss of a coin-One minute sunny another expecting snow.

We live on a street that is quite shaded by trees and our "bend" happens to be known as "the icebox". As in, everywhere else is sunny and beautiful and it looks like the frozen tundra at ours. I've literally bundled myself like the kid from "A Christmas Story", gone five minutes to my girlfriend's house and she's watering her garden (really, she still has a garden), wearing a tank top.

I almost have to wear a summer layer and a winter layer...ya know, just in case the rest of the world isn't experiencing the antarctic.

My husband finally salted our steps when he and I on different occasions almost ate (you know what!)
And we are getting accustomed to our high electric bill from keeping the house at a toasty 74 degrees even though it still feels about 52.

But, I'm not complaining...because while others might be wishing for snow, I will have some til May! Gives me many more excuses to indulge my baking skills, keep a fire going and enjoy the simple fact that I've always been a bit of a homebody!

P.S That's totally my husband wearing a Snuggie and playing video games. I'm not embarrassed. How else should he pass snow days?!


  1. Your photos are so beautiful. So clear and precise. I envy your talent. The snow is a pretty sight. I also live in California.....northern. Here's to a wonderful new year, from your newest follower, Linda

  2. Beautiful pictures, LeiShell. I love the snow and you captured it beautifully!

  3. Ah, I wish it would snow like that here! Your home is beautiful. Camouflage snuggie?

  4. Ha! Your husband would get along great with mine! Love the picture of the birdhouse. Happy New Year!

  5. Beautiful! I do hope we get some snow this year. It has been a long time. Enjoy it!

  6. Stunning set of pictures here :)
    I love LOVE love the third one. Yes, our pictures look similar - only you did it SO much better :) ♥

  7. Gorgeous photos!!!

  8. Great captures of the snow coming down. I think we've had like 3 flakes total this year. (not sure if that's the official count)


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