Friday, January 11, 2013

A Day In The Life Of...

A day in the life of Eli.
When we are forced to stay at home due to weather, this is how we spend our days.

A little snow play in fresh powder.

Then coming inside once feet and hands are too cold to play, only to fill a bowl up with it!

Afternoon tea anyone?
 (That really is tea (herbal) for both of us. We didn't have hot cocoa so we improvised.)
His favorite thing is to "cheers".

A little color time.
 I walked in to find he had gotten his crayons out himself...thank goodness he spared the floor and stayed on the paper.

And finished it off with stickers. We always have sticker books on hand. They are about $6 for 1000 stickers or more and keep his attention forever. Invest in sticker books!

And then when we've worn ourselves out from all this snow play, coloring, tea time and sticker sticking...we curl up on the couch in the a mound of soft blankets and catch an afternoon nap before dinner prep and daddy getting home from work.

All in a days work for Eli...


  1. So much snow! Cute post idea. Note to self: get sticker books!! :)

  2. This is sweet :) Stickers are surely one of the best entertainers :)


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