Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This Year...

I hope the New Year has had a good start for you already!
Maybe you've made resolutions, taken down Christmas tree remnants and are recovering from the constant flow of delicious foods?!

Me, I did two of those. 
No resolutions though. I find when I make them, I don't keep them. So, as always I just want to be happy and a good wife and mother. 

Resolutions aside, I would like to take more time for myself without being selfish and take some focus off photography and the hours of editing it entails.
Hence, these Instagram pictures. A peek into my day, no heavy hours of editing to bring them to you and more time for me to be making memories with my family.

This year will be big. It needs me to be in the moment.

1. The last look at our tree. 2. Happy mommy moment-quiet peaceful moments of Eli entertaining himself. 
3. Toddler conversation is the BEST! 4. My snow capped mountains I call home. 5. Braving the chill for church. 6. Dr. Mommy fixed a torn giraffe, making for one happy kiddo. 7. Daddy cuddles are so snuggly.
8. Coffee shop panini, soup, tea and snow fall = perfection! 9. Battleship wars, me against Eli and daddy..I won.


  1. I love this little peek into your lives :)

  2. Im still dying over the story time picture! He is so stinking cute!!

  3. I love instagram for that very reason! Your pics are all so sweet. Those little peeks at everyday moments are my favorite.


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