Thursday, February 21, 2013

February So Far

Thought I would share a little February update with Instagram photos.
I keep my instagram from this blog, because I like the privacy of sharing things just with close friends and family, so you may never see an Instagram side button on this blog. 

I say consider this a treat then:)
1.) Our Valentine's craft: Tree of Love, Eli deep in concentration. 

2.) A morning in our other living room watching cartoons and snow fall. 3.)Hadn't seen my mom since Christmas, she visited a few days ago. I miss her already.

4.) Since I am basically on bed rest (couch rest), I have to think of clever ways to keep Eli busy. Tents=Lifesaver 5.) I crave avocados. I will eat anything if it is topped with one.

6.) My hubby spoiled me with a bowl hot apple pie and ice cream and cookies after I got back from the ER for appendix/mystery pain. 7.) I've taken a few belly photos and only shared with family, but this was the first  public one, taken yesterday at 14 weeks 2 days, it IS bigger in person.

  8.) The meal/care pack that was brought to me by a dear friend/ co-worker (actually one of my superiors I used to work with). He's a chef and made me Pork Verde, turmeric rice, homemade sauce, ice cream, a magazine and sweet card AND brought it to me in 18 inches of snow. Blessed was an understatement.

Also, I have a fun little poll guessing the gender of our new little one at the top right of this page. Care to take a guess?!
Thought it would be fun, but I will spill one secret. I already know:)


  1. What?! How did I miss so much??? Congratulations!! I didn't realize you were pregnant. How wonderful!!
    I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. Hope you are much better soon.


  2. Avocados are so good--I crave them too! Angel and I put them on almost everything. Last night we had omelettes with avocado on top. And I guessed girl, but how can you know already? I didn't know they could find out by 14 weeks.

  3. I love this little peek into your life. Tents in the house are so much fun!

  4. All the best with the bedrest. I know how much of a challenge it was when I was pregnant with the triplets, keeping the two older boys occupied. Listen to your body,and don't be afraid to ask for help. I found sending the boys away with friends and family I trusted really allowed me to rest up properly and keep those babies in there. Be good to yourself!


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