Friday, February 15, 2013

What My Valentine's Looked Like

I felt feel pretty lucky that instead of just one handsome Valentine, I had two. 

Most years before the title of "parents" Justin and I would have had dinner reservations somewhere, spent some time getting dolled up for each other and enjoyed a quiet evening to ourselves.

This year was none of those things, but still all the more perfect. A forty-five minute drive took us out of our snowy community and into a warm temp of 58 (65 in the sun) to a duck lake and park. No fancy restaurant, just a sack lunch I packed us and some chocolate covered strawberries my husband brought.

It was perfect. We promised Eli play time and horses, since before we got to the park we spotted some. It was as if something bigger than us made that plan work out perfectly when a couple with horses passed by and generously let Eli say hello.

So, maybe my Valentine's Day didn't come in the form of a chocolate heart, mushy card or stuffed animal, and certainly no fancy dinner...but it came with love and the reminder that I am so lucky to have been blessed to find it.


  1. That sounds like a truly wonderful Valentine's Day, spent with your two men!

  2. I know you were You went!! He must have had a blast. Such as great way to spend the day. The pictures speak gobs!

  3. Looks wonderful! I love they way you spent your holiday!!!!! So many memories!

  4. Psh, that cheesy stuff is overrated anyway!! I'm amazed at how beautiful your photograph (and, of course, your family ;)

  5. Now that's my type of Valentine's Day! Sounds perfect! You got some great shots too!


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