Monday, March 18, 2013

18 weeks

Taken in my window seat at home with natural light and a tripod.

{Baby is about 5 1/2 inches and weighs 7 ounces (about the size of a bell pepper) this week, busy flexing his arms and legs-movements that may be noticed now. His blood vessels are now visible through his skin and ears are in their final position.  A protective covering has formed over his nerves called Myelin and will continue throughout pregnancy. It is now possible to see if baby is boy or girl.}

Weight Gain: Last week was 14lbs, didn't weigh this week.

Sleep: On and off. Some nights great, some uncomfortable and I end up on the couch. Definitely don't like being crowded when I sleep now.

Feeling: Some extra energy return this week. I have been getting up early and napping less. But it still hits me at bed time. I can feel pressure on my bladder from baby from time to time and bathroom trips are frequent but still less than they were in the first trimester!

Cravings: None really this week. Still loving a crisp fresh salad. I did want for cookies a couple nights ago, but not one of those "send the hubby out at midnight" kinda cravings.

Belly Button In or Out? Both? It's not in and not totally out.

Maternity: Not yet. But I do have a couple shirts and those are my most worn ones. I am going shopping sometime soon. I have one pair of pants that fit and two pairs of leggings---pathetic.

Movement: Oh yes, lots and lots! Felt the first flutters at 9 weeks, saw him from the outside at 16 weeks and both my hubby and son have felt him. He moves a lot! I love love it!

Sex: Boy...our little Owen.

Next Dr. Appt: Next Tuesday is the big ultrasound to check for growth, etc and find out the sex, but we already know that from the ER appt I had at 14 weeks for torn abdominal ligaments and muscles. Still, it never gets old to see baby! And then in April I have another OB appt at 21 weeks and they will start measuring fundal height, etc. Whoo!

Looking forward to: Picking out his middle name (the hubs job) and getting some plans for colors for his crib, and getting baby stuff! (And the crazy baby rolls and kicks, those are the best!)


  1. Great bump update! Your shot is beautiful! You did a fantastic job! Your belly button sounds like mine :o) Not really in but not out either. It's an in-betweeny! My Alivia has the same one as her mama!

  2. Love this photograph and the lighting you choose to use. It is stunning!!! It captures the beauty of your lil baby bump and the bond you already have with your lil Owen.

  3. It's nice of you to assign your husband to choosing a middle name. I already told Angel that I get to name our children since they'll automatically have his last name. I want their first and middle names to at least be something one in my entire family can pronounce our last name!


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