Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Proud Moments & A Baby Update

Sunny warm days haven't been abundant this winter.
 Once one snow melts, there's more to fill its place the following week, which I love, but this sunshine has reminded me of warmer days ahead and fills me with excitement!

We've been visiting a park that is not yet open to the public since it is technically still under construction around it. 
But we go there anyways because we love it more than any other parks and we are the only ones there!  

There's this fabulous rock wall Eli loves to climb and when he reaches the top the proudest look fills his face. My heart. Oh my, how it overflows at that sweet expression!

A little baby bump update: Week 17 and 1 Day (Baby is the size of a Pear)

No picture because seriously how much could have changed in a week? Maybe a lot, but I am too lazy to do weekly pictures! (Give me a few more weeks and I will take one, promise!)

Weight Gained: 14lbs Don't gasp! I gained 50 with Eli and lost it all after a few months of nursing. I am not worried. Baby knows what it needs.

Feeling: This last week had to be some serious surge in hormones or something...because I felt like an emotional wreck. One minute irritated, then angry, then guilty for being that way, then tears...okay, maybe just tears. Like sit in a corner and cry. Or cry while stirring dinner. But I feel better this week.

Cravings: I sort of crave whatever I see on TV or if someone mentions something. And salads. I am not even sure you can call them that because I put everything in them but the kitchen sink. Excited over this healthy craving. Still can't really do sugary things since it gives me headaches bad.

Belly Button in or out? Sort of out. I have to say it never really went back all the way from the first time.

Maternity: Yes and no. I prefer the maternity shirts since they are longer, but still squeezing into my old clothes. I did jump up pant sizes though. I am showing a lot for 17 weeks which doesn't surprise me, I did with the first too!

Movement: Yes yes yes. I felt the first flutters at 9 weeks and saw the baby move on the outside at 16 weeks and now this week all the time. Hubby and Eli have both felt him too! Mostly in the late afternoon to evening and it is definitely not gas. I love when people say that. Like I don't know the difference. Cracks me up!

Sex: Boy (So thrilled!) I did think it was a girl, and felt confused, but then realized I wanted a boy all along. We have another ultrasound in a few weeks which will confirm.

Looking forward to: My husband picking out his middle name. I chose Owen as his first name in case you missed the last update. Middle names are hard for this one. Some too common, some just don't fit or don't feel like our baby.


  1. I was insanely emotional with aiden, which lead me to believe it was a girl. I guess every pregnancy really is just different. I love the name Owen and love that your hubby let you pick. He debated for so long but luckily as soon as I said little mans name Kenny was on board. I'm so excited to watch your cute little belly grow! Xo

  2. Your little boy is adorable. I'm so excited to watch your belly bump!

  3. I hear a lot of pregnant women get emotional; I was lucky that my mood was surprisingly stable. As long as you keep in mind it's just the pregnancy/hormones :o) All other updates sound good! I'm not even pregnant and I love salads with everything but the kitchen sink. Who just wants lettuce in their salads; c'mon now :o) I put dried cranberries, candied walnuts, feta cheese, etc. Love your pics too! That park looks amazing and beautiful!


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