Thursday, May 2, 2013

24 weeks 3 days

I've been so uninspired lately to hop on the blog and share like I have in the past. I realize the long absence and lack of baby posting, but even though I haven't been present here, I have been elsewhere, and that feels good.

I can't really describe to anyone what it is, but I guess you would call it "baby mode". I have been soaking up the time to be a mom of one, because while the thought of two is exciting, it is scary, uncertain and a little sad too.
This time I have with just Eli is coming to an end and then I will be a mom of two-such a sweet blessing too. 

Only, I really love the little routines that Eli and I have cherished for almost three years; how I tuck him in, how we go on unplanned walks and trips to the toy store or park. I know that those little un-thought up pleasures will be harder to achieve once our little Owen comes, and then a whole new world of love will emerge but it isn't without a bit of sadness or hesitation.

But he is coming.

 He is definitely growing. I can feel by the weight in his movements and kicks each week that he has grown..or the hunger that attacks me right before bed. I am so in love with him already and am excited to meet him, but love being pregnant. 

I love the kicks late at night that interrupt a full nights sleep and the reminder when I see someone with a baby that it will be me soon. I love squeezing awkwardly into clothes and looking in the mirror for ten minutes not sure if it is flattering, but man, it sure is comfortable! I love that growing a baby takes over the need to do certain things, suddenly life revolves around baby.

 And I love how special I feel daily because I have been gifted the ability to grow another person in my own body; there is nothing like it.
 I thank God that he has created this life and chosen me to be the vessel in which he grows and finds love.

How could we ever doubt God's love when He gives us such a gift?!

We have spent a good portion of our weekends shopping for a new car for our growing family, buying a new  bed for Eli and spoiling him with the "only child love" that will exist for just a few short months.

So when I think of hopping on here, it feels like work or a distraction from being present, even though I know later I will appreciate the documented memories.

 That is why this post is a bit longer. I had some bottled up feelings and thought I would share them. I kept a journal when I was pregnant with Eli and it is so nice to look back on and reminisce. I took more pictures with Eli; I documented all of it. 

I hope this isn't the second baby syndrome! 

24 weeks 3 days (Due August 19th)

Measuring: 34 inches around from belly button point.

Feeling: Very good, energetic most days

Cravings: Not many cravings. I just like to eat and feel full. If I am hungry than odd things pop up...
Oh wait, there was that one day or two of wanting deep fried pickles!

Maternity clothes?: Oh yes, yes, yes. I cannot fake it. And if I do fake it I am so uncomfortable all day. I had some girlfriends loan me some of theirs and that really has helped.

Weight gain: I  am not sure what it is from last appt, but I have been averaging about 5lbs a month. She said she doesn't think it is a problem because I started out so tiny and needed a little weight to sustain a baby. I think it is slowing a bit this week.

Exercise: Yes, and no. I am always busy but regimenting a routine has been tough. I did walk a few times this week to the top of our street and back. The weather is nicer so I should be able to do it more now.

Sleep: I sleep fairly good. I am used to waking 3-4 times a night to use the bathroom, but other than that, it is okay. I have had some achy hips and lower back, but my hubby has been nice enough to rub me almost nightly which helps so much.

Exciting this week?: We hope to buy a car within the next couple weeks and that makes me very excited! Beyond this, we have done next to nothing to prepare for baby Owen. 

Name: If you missed if before, it will be Owen. We struggled for a long while with the middle name. My hubby was tasked with it and we couldn't agree. Funny thing is, he ended up picking the second name I suggested. Soooo, drumrolll please......

Owen Cole Correll 
that is if we don't change our minds later, but I doubt it.


  1. You look beautiful! I too loved being pregnant. It was such an amazing journey and blessing. Enjoy it while you can. ;)

  2. You look great and your belly is adorable! Love the name pick. Eli and Owen sound good together too. Glad to hear you're doing good!

  3. You are beautifully pregnant. Congratulations on your adorable baby bump. Thank you for dropping kind words at my place here and there. You are a jewel.
    Blessings, Anna

  4. You look great! I love this post-being pregnant is so amazing and I loved it as well. Enjoy the time with Eli because it changes so much with two but all for the good:)


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