Friday, May 10, 2013

Don't sweat the small stuff...

Sometimes I have to be reminded (okay, lots of times)

Not to sweat the small stuff. You know the stuff that keeps you from fully enjoying the moment because you're so busy obsessing over it being "right?" No, not you? Okay, I write this for myself then.

What I mean though, are the moments that keep life from being "dull" but definitely add to the imperfections that so many of us try to keep, staying up late and maybe eating cereal for dinner. We did that this week. Maybe twice.

And so many others. Forgoing a routine to enjoy the moment and breathing in that extra time it allowed for fun and memories to be made that otherwise might not have been. A lesson that has always been so hard for me since I like things to have order and a place at all times. It's not really conducive to laughter and memories though. And this pregnancy is teaching me that it's okay to relax.

And sometimes (okay, always), when I am watching him grow and learn things on his own, I realize how quickly that time is passing us and am glad that life has made me slow down enough to notice how precious this time is.

So, I am trying not to sweat the small stuff. Like the toilet paper being strung from one room to the next, half of it soggy from being dipped in the toilet...or how long it takes us to get loaded into our truck because he is busy inspecting birds and bugs on his way there, making sure he grabbed at least an armful of toys for the trip. Or how he ends up in our bed halfway through the night and I have to sleep on the smallest little space because of it with at least one or more of his body parts on top of my head all night.

Because waking up to his breathing and relaxed little body is the sweetest joy and blessing. A blessing some never experience, and I am so grateful I have.

I'm in that sentimental stage of pregnancy (pregnancy goggles), where everything is emotional, a moment and amazing.

I don't ever want to take them off.

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