Sunday, May 5, 2013

Engagement Session for My Best Friend

My best friend since I was 5, Jamie,  is getting married this summer, a few days after my due date, so attending it is up in the air. She asked me to be her photographer, but with the date so close  of course I turned it down. 

I did however, do her engagement photos a few weeks ago and it was really neat to be apart of her upcoming nuptials, at least this way. 

We've been friends forever, and when she moved away when we were 7, I didn't see her for a few years. I ran into her family a few years later and was able to reconnect with her when I was 13. It was so odd that we were instantly best friends, had the same likes and interests after all those years of absence.

I truly believe we were meant to be friends forever. And even as our adult lives pull us in different directions (me expecting my second child, her just getting married) we are still close. One of those "I don't need to talk with you all the time" kinda close friends; it just picks up where it left off.

Finding someone in her life was hard for her. She is quirky, outgoing and has a sense of humor most are not sure of (the kind that laughs at the people who get hurt in America's Funniest Home Videos (I cringe)). 

So it is so nice to see that she has found someone with the same drives and passions as her, sense of humor and adores her every move. 

Congrats to my best friend!

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  1. What a gorgeous venue! And I love the colors they're wearing. Congratulations to them!

  2. The pictures are gorgeous!! I love it when friends that you've known forever start getting married, it's such an exciting season!


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