Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Heart Walks About Outside My Body

My heart is overjoyed and blessed to be a mom of {almost} two precious little boys.

Eli has shown me what it means to have my heart walk outside of my body.
 He's loved me and tested me, teaching me the true meaning of love. You never really know what love (what true love) is until you become a mother. It's the greatest joy in the world.

And it multiplies.

My hubby had some ambitious plans for me for Mother's Day, but after not seeing him for two weeks, all I really wanted was a family day outside. So he bought me a plethora of gardening supplies and flowers--and the best part? He did a few tedious projects I couldn't have done without him.

We have gophers horrible and so planting things had been put off til we could "remedy" the little buggers. He remedied the situation and helped me plant a whole mess of gorgeous flowers and foliage. 

If you know me, this sort of thing is heaven!

Eli played with the water hose most of the time and shoveled dirt in all directions leaving us a huge mess. But would Mother's Day be complete without a mess for a mom to clean? haha, nope.

Then we sat cuddled in the swing after I took his soggy clothes off and for a brief moment I indulged in what made me a mom. 



  1. Awww! Sounds like a lovely day with your whole little family!

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  3. What a sweet post! That last picture is too precious! Happy you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Hope you have a fabulous Friday too :o)

  4. So glad you had a great family day :)

    Hope you are feeling well!


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