Monday, June 10, 2013

A New Day

There's a reason God created naps.

For the sanity of mothers.

Mine didn't nap today and by dinner time I was frazzled, he was both hungry and exhausted and every little incident made him cry (and me inside).

Lately, he's been getting hurt a lot. Something to do with his mind being faster than his feet. He has constant scrapes and boo boos...and one on the back of his head that needed stitches but I doctored him up at home with liquid bandage...seriously, it is like he is constantly needing a band aid.

And without a nap he just gets hurt more, which I am normally so sympathetic to but since he had no nap I was a wreck and impatient and less than kind to his "newest" owie.

I think I raised my voice at him being so careless and got mad that he whined all throughout me cooking dinner, and by the time the sun was set enough to put him to bed, I promptly did.

And it wasn't until he closed his eyes that I began to feel guilty about my lack of patience and loving attitude towards him. I just felt like I failed and really wish that these moments aren't something he banks in his memory for when he gets older to use against me. 

And it scares me a bit to add another to the mix because there are surely going to be more days like this in my future. I am praying for grace and patience to deal when things don't go exactly as planned or we have a less than easy day. I love being his mom and am so elated to welcome another...but this job is not easy...that is for sure!

I just think tomorrow is a new day I can shower him in love, kiss his boo boos and make his childhood a memory of love and laughter, instead of anger and impatience. 

Thank goodness for that.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for following my blog! I came over to return the favor! :) And what a wonderful post! So truthful - and EXACTLY what every mother has felt!!! A great mom isn't a perfect mom. - There are no perfect moms. - A great mom is one who recognizes her mistakes and works to fix them. THAT is what he will remember - along with the snuggles and kisses. :)


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