Monday, July 8, 2013

34 Weeks

I'm getting VERY pregnant comments these days, like..."any day now, huh?"
People are shocked when I tell them I have 7 more 6 more weeks.

I realize my belly looks pretty large on my small frame, but I can tell that I have a lot more growing to do in the next few weeks just based on my insatiable hunger alone! It is crazy to me though that in about a month and a half I will be holding the baby growing in my tummy!

34 Weeks:

"Baby is about the size of a butternut squash, weighing anywhere from 4.2lbs to 5.8lbs and 17.2" long to 18.7". He's gaining weight steadily and filling out his fat layers. His lungs are also maturing and if born now would most likely be healthy."

Feeling: A lot of pressure and weight in my pelvis, and I am getting more wobbly feeling, I am sure that is due to the baby head pressed down in there!

Weight Gain: I don't know exactly at this point, my Dr. appt was a few weeks ago, but as of then it was 34lbs.

Cravings: This past week I craved salads and strawberry shortcake. I think I ate an entire tub of cool whip!

Swelling?: Yes. But only on hot days and when my foot is downwards for a long while...and mostly just my left foot seems to get puffy. But it isn't in my legs and my blood pressure is super just some fluid retention.

Sex: Boy!

Name: Owen Cole  I chose the first name, my husband chose the middle name...just like with our first son, Eli Ryan. We think our boy names go well together. I also love that he was part of it. I know so many women who take it over entirely.

Looking forward to: My baby shower in two weeks exactly and my maternity photos this weekend. My photographer friend and I are doing trade work. I will take her family photos and she will do my maternity ones. I tell ya, it sure is convenient being a photographer and knowing other awesome photographers!

Milestones: I feel like the milestone is pregnancy. It isn't always easy or flattering, but I enjoy it just the same. This time around is much more uncomfortable on my body and I find myself looking to the end more than I did with Eli, but all in all, it really is a short time and I love that I am growing a human being! I think 36 weeks will feel like a milestone only because baby due date is right around the corner. 

Baby Preparations: I have the baby room set up entirely with the crib, changing table, rocking chair, dresser and all the newborn clothes washed and filling up its space. I even have the car seat ready and clean to be put in the car later. I just need the details like diapers, wipes, hygiene, receiving blankets, bedding, etc etc. It definitely is not as stressful as the first time around since I saved so much and kept it all very nice. We plan on getting some things for me for the hospital and a new baby outfit for him (he has to have his own special one). We also plan on a few date nights and a getaway before baby comes. I also want to make some crockpot meals and freeze them to make it easier in the first few weeks when baby is here. And my favorite preparation is looking into different cleaning ladies to come for the first few weeks to month, because I am a neat freak and I can't sacrifice cleanliness for nothin'...but really wanna soak in that baby time.

Next week I will be 35 weeks and that is when the Dr. wants to start seeing me every two weeks til baby comes. I really haven't had many appts or interventions since my pregnancy is going so well, so they seem happy not to see me much. At the very last few weeks I will be there every week, but I don't plan any inductions, or interventions. I want baby to come when he is ready, even if that means going past my "due date".


  1. You really are getting close! I bet each day feels a bit slow...but then afterwards, you're always surprised at how quickly the time passed! A month and a half isn't long at all! Can't wait to see him!

  2. You look beautiful! Enjoy every minute of the last few weeks even as you get more uncomfortable! Your little baby will be here soon and then time will go entirely too fast! I still can't believe my baby is 6 months already!

  3. You look absolutely beautiful! That is a great color on you :)


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