Monday, July 29, 2013

Baby Shower and 37 Week Update

Last Monday I had my baby shower. While not entirely the turnout I expected, all my favorite people came to support me and little baby Owen.
I had originally just thought I would have a small shower that I would put together myself. But some sweet friends came through to put it together, totally unexpected!

We had a taco bar (Delish!) with all the appropriate fixings and some yummy dessert which included strawberry shortcake and decadent chocolate upon chocolate cake. 
I spent the good half of the weekend before readying my house for guests and then the day of just sat around relaxing until my guests arrived. Not too shabby.

And when they left you bet I spent the rest of the evening in the nursery playing with all the new baby stuff!

A few of the games they played were really fun. They had a variety of words that didn't necessarily go together at all that they had to make a story with. It was pretty neat to go around the room and hear all the funny stories everyone came up with! And I saved them to laugh at later!

Then of course we did play doh of my shower favorites. Guests make babies out of play doh in so many minutes and then I choose the one I like best. One of them was made by my friend's 5 year old son and it was Baby Luke Skywalker with a lightsaber. Too cute!

And a very sweet sweet thing they did for me was make a beaded necklace that had been prayed over by each of my guests. They chose a bead, and then told me their prayer or well wish for me. Not surprisingly, most of them prayed for a safe and easy labor!

37 Week Update!

"Baby is now considered full term and if born now, his lungs would likely be mature enough to adjust to life outside the womb. Baby weighs about 6.5lbs and measures about 19 inches long and possibly has a full head of hair. He will continue putting on fat layers until he is born...about half a pound a week."

Feeling: A lot of pressure. My pelvic bones ache so bad! Some heart burn this week. And just plain ole fatigue. I might actually be ready to meet him soon the way I am feeling. With Eli I wanted to be pregnant forever, but this time is slightly different. I am ecstatic to meet him.

Weight Gain: 41lbs so far...I think. Maybe the scale lies. 

Cravings: I dreamt about homemade soft pretzels and woke up and made them...a two hour process! But once I had one I was good. I also had a craving for authentic fish tacos that didn't get satisfied and just typing that made me want some!

Swelling?: Only on days when I do too much or it is really hot. I sat at the computer a few hours editing last week and gravity made the fluid pool into my foot and leg, totally not pleasant.

Name: Owen Cole. I chose the first name, hubby chose the second.

Looking forward to: Just being pregnant. These are the last few weeks and I really want to cherish them. I plan on nesting, making things for his room and printing out my Maternity Photos, and really relishing my only child, Eli. We have some movie nights and fun days planned with just us.

Milestones: Reaching 37 weeks I suppose? My baby shower was one, nice to have that done! I would say packing my hospital bag yesterday and tomorrow packing the baby's bag would be another. I have to make some phone calls to see who can take Eli when I go into labor, finish some last minute things for baby's room....make some crock pot meals to freeze and RELAX. I really really want to just relax. Now that I am past the stress of prep for baby I can do that!

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  1. That looks like it was so much fun!! A good, special time with friends.


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