Thursday, July 11, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

I don't often share my professional work here because it is just another thing for me to do and once I edit a session fully, post a few sneak peaks to facebook for the client, update my website and mail out discs or order prints (not to mention client call backs and emails), well,
I have very little energy to get them here!

I've been VERY busy this month with a photo shoot every three to five days, so I've been up to my eyeballs in editing and such. I also have my own maternity photos coming up (but thank goodness I don't have to take those!)

It's been very exciting and exhausting to say the least! Lots of newborn shoots lately remind me that my own is quickly approaching! I can't wait to do his because there won't be any pressure- just me, my camera and my precious baby.

The first set of photos was a challenge because she contacted me the night before to do them and very little prep for backgrounds was done and she didn't want anything outdoors (I prefer outdoors, especially with this weather). So they came out more like a lifestyle shoot, which was quite charming actually.

The second set of photos had a ton of prep and she was open to anything I wanted to do which made them so beautiful. I just love newborns. They require lots of patience (diapers need changing, they want to eat constantly and half of the poses you want to do don't agree with them, so they are very unpredictable!)

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I also have a website with more of my work in past months.

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  1. You are busy! Beautiful photography, just stunning. I am a new follower from Cropped Stories. Have a fabulous day and take some time for YOU.


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