Monday, August 12, 2013

39 Weeks!

Wow! I cannot believe I am almost there! It's surreal to think this is the end of growing this precious life and soon he will be in my arms! On to my update...

Feeling: Ready? No. Yes. Man I cannot decide because either one is absolutely awesome, carrying this life or holding him. 

I've had some emotional moments here and there. One being when I was getting ready for church and realized that nothing really fits, even things I bought only four weeks earlier. I've had some Braxton Hicks contractions that would be classified as "false labor" the other night, with them lasting about 30 seconds every 10-15 minutes for about two hours. But I've experienced the real thing and knew it wasn't "go time", and just tried to relax, keeping an eye out for any changes. I'm not sure if I had a "bloody show" (tmi?) but possibly. So baby could be here sometime this week. There's lots of pressure and twinges of pain, along with frequent Braxton Hicks at night so I have a feeling I am dilated but since I've opted for no examinations there's no way to tell. I have also been nesting like crazy. One moment I am relaxing on the couch, convinced I have everything in order, the next I am scrubbing kitchen cabinets and rewashing bedding. Oi.

Weight Gain: 46lbs which is what I gained exactly with Eli, but oddly enough I am under the weight I finished with Eli, so I weighed less to begin with before I was pregnant this time around. I never have worried about weight gain, one, because I have always been thin and struggled to keep weight on, but it also isn't in my genes to be heavy.

Cravings: Not much of anything really. My stomach is pretty squished so I just enjoy lighter fare and more frequent at night when I get up 6 times to use the restroom. Did I mention that I have to go downstairs to use the restroom?!

Sleep: Okay. It's like a mental battle just rolling over in bed. My sides ache from just only being able to sleep on one side or the other. I sleep with a pillow between my legs which helps. But really once I get comfy I have pressure which leads me to get up to use the bathroom...then I get up and decide I am hungry too. Almost each trip I make I grab a small snack and a drink. I cannot make it through the night without drinking fluids, but it leads to lots of bathroom trips. I think I get most of my sleep in the wee hours of the morning. Thank goodness Eli doesn't wake up til 8:30!

Name:Owen Cole I chose the first name, hubby chose the middle name, just like with Eli. 

Last Minute Preparations?: Everything is ready. The co-sleeper is next to the bed, car seat ready to go in the car, bags packed for the hospital, nursery in order, freezer stocked, babysitting arrangements made...etc. The only thing I can think of is getting a diaper warmer (I loved having one with Eli even though they are not necessary) and a video monitor. We want a really nice one since we have three stories and keeping an ear or eye out is difficult. 

Looking forward to: Well, I think it is obvious...meeting this little boy. And my hubby getting some time off since he has been working

Best Moment this week: Realizing how close I am. And spending a lot of time at home relaxing...finally. 

Maybe my next post will be one of me sharing a pic of baby Owen and a birth story...never know!


  1. Yeah!!! You are such a trooper and I love you for your patience. I was so over being pregnant by then. You look amazing!

  2. I love the picture with Eli all sprawled out :) You look fabulous and are all belly. I can't wait to "meet" your newest little guy!

  3. SO CLOSE!! What an exciting time in your life!


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