Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Owen's Owl Themed Nursery

Our home is a "barn style" type of home with some of the classic mountain features such as tongue and groove wood ceilings and dark beams. I love that it has a modern feel with these quirky mountain features thrown in for character.

Decorating the nursery which happens to be the loft outside of our bedroom has been tricky. The walls are not straight up and down, so hanging or decorating or even painting was nearly impossible. 

Being a loft it has such an airy, cozy feel to it, but leaves little room for where things should go since it happens to be missing walls too. This space has always been one of my favorites, but wasn't a classic baby room like Eli had. 

I chose "owl" bedding for our little Owen and wanted something that wasn't dark or brown, hence the blues and greens. I really like how it turned out, and while from a decorating stand point it may not be perfect, it fits the simplicity of my lifestyle. 

Eli likes it:)

Pretty soon there will be a baby to fill its space and that is just oh so exciting, since nearly every evening I sit in here running my hands across all the things he's gonna be using; folding and unfolding his tiny outfits and day dreaming of rocking and nursing him just like Eli. 

If you missed my 39 week update you can read that HERE.


  1. Found your blog about a month ago, but forgot to comment.

    I love the nursery :) I like that it's different from what most people stick to when it comes to boy's nurseries. It's very unique! :)

    Erin @ cutiepie720.blogspot.com

  2. I wonder if Eli remembers when that was His bed? He's so big in it now! I love that you have a new frame ready for Owen's pictures to be added...unless of course, you like the generic family;) The room is beautiful!


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