Friday, August 2, 2013

Sweet Face

I had my 37 1/2 week appt today and got to see our little Owen. I know there's a baby in there but somehow seeing him just amazes me he's really in there! She measured fluid and just wanted to check if he's head down, which he is. That explains all the pressure!

I start weekly appointments now and am in the last stretch.  I've no plans to be induced or even checked as I see no point in giving information or power to the hospital to induce. Babies come when they're ready. 

But of course I'm curious when he will make his arrival. My hubby thinks in a little over a week, my sis thinks a couple days after his due date (which is then 19th) and I think maybe the 18th. 

Wanna take a guess?! Looking at this precious face makes me eager to meet this sweet little person. But I definitely want him to cook as long as he needs!


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