Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our week so far

Just a little update as of late.

We've been taking more walks outside and enjoying fall (although it felt like winter this week). 

Owen likes his playmat and reaches for toys. Eli likes to play with him which helps me get a few things done around the house. 

Scoped out some photography locations for an upcoming shoot. I'm still taking time away but only doing a few here and there.

Eli enjoyed painting a ceramic pumpkin at a Halloween event last weekend.  Then got his face painted like a Tiger. My hubby had to work but was one of the fire departments heading it up so we got to spend time together and it was like a day off together. 

Eli got a board game. Chutes and Ladders. Classic. 

Built a blanket fort during yesterday storm.

Owen looks good in glasses and a mustache. 

He loves to grip my shirt when he nurses.

An adorable picture of us playing Stackadoos with Owen (these are awesome, better than Legos).

And lastly, Owen and I while Eli was at Preschool.  He just started at a private Christian preschool last week. It gives Owen and I 3 hours to ourselves three days a week. Eli absolutely loves it.

Hope your week is going great! I'm sure ours will continue to be busy!

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  1. It's been feeling like winter here, too! You keep having fun with those little guys!


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