Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Newborn Session

I've taken a break from my photography business since having Owen and I have to say it is refreshing. But I've been getting hounded to come back (fall is a huge time for photos) and I feel bad saying no even though I really need to just focus on being a mom. This was a client who asked me months ago and I agreed since I couldn't do her maternity photos due to giving birth to Owen.

 Here's a few from the session I did right outside her front door. She was thrilled I came to her (but of course I do that with newborns!) 
 I love how they turned out. I hope she likes them too. It's always sweet to see a big brother loving on his little brother.

It's nice to be wanted to get back into the game. I appreciate my clients so much. And I never intended to be such a newborn photographer, but I am becoming the go to girl in this area for that! So whooo hooo to that! 

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