Friday, October 25, 2013

Owen at 2 Months

I am a little late posting Owen's 2 month update because he keeps me busy loving on him! He's growing steadily and it makes me super sad. 

-Holds head up steadier now

-Giggles and smiles more

-Hates his finger nails clipped

-Enjoys bath time

-LOVES to stand up (he even pulls himself to a sitting position if holding your hands)

-Sleeps 6-7 hours at night, nursing once before bed and once a night, then in the morning around 8am

-Starting to notice his toys 

-Loves his mommy which makes it hard on daddy sometimes.

-weighs around 12lbs. I don't know his measurements yet since he hasn't had his 2 month checkup yet.

-Size 2 diapers

-3-6mos clothes moving into more 6mos

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