Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What I'm Loving Lately

Chubby bellies...
Seeing more of his eyes and watching him take in this new world...

Knowing I am nourishing him well...
Our afternoons at the park. This view is lovely.
Nature. Wildlife.
Peaceful naps.
Bath time lizard wars. He likes to pretend the lizard is eating the cars and keeps himself busy in there til he's so wrinkly his skin might come off.
Watching these boys cuddle when daddy gets home from work.
Visiting a pumpkin patch even though temps made us think it might still be summer.

These two. My heart melts watching their bond.

Wheel barrel rides.

I might be a new mom to TWO...but I feel like a seasoned pro. This sweet boy makes it easy on me to go and enjoy things. Love him.
Posing adorable pictures. These boys.

This. Oh my gosh this.

Sights and smells at a pumpkin patch that create lots of memories. 

Making memories with my family.


  1. Love all the pictures but those chunky thighs and that belly makes me want another so bad!! Great pictures as always and that turquoise bird is really different looking!


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