Monday, November 18, 2013

2 Month Shots

Owen had his two month shots today, even though he's almost three months, we had to postpone until today since he was getting over a cold.
It's the worst when you've got a happy baby and know it's all about to hit the fan...

It doesn't matter that I've done this all before; it all still breaks my heart.
I held his hands and the nurse held his legs, giving three shots, one right after another to be as quick as possible. He let out a heart wrenching cry but to my surprise only for a minute.
He was happy to nurse right after, unlatching every so often to cry. So sad.

He's got a fever tonight and wanted to be held, which of course I oblige.

The Dr. gave us some medicine for thrush (fun stuff) and ointment for his yeast rash in all his neck rolls. Not the most fun of days, but so grateful we have healthy boys and days like this are infrequent.

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