Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

I didn't put much thought into Halloween this year. It's never been a holiday I anticipate, but now that I have a three year old who has fully grasped the concept of it, even asking about costumes for weeks prior and talking non stop about candy...I couldn't completely forget about it.

Eli was supposed to be a fireman for Halloween and Owen a dalmation puppy. I had that idea for a few months but couldn't find a dalmation puppy I felt like paying for and the fireman costumes were sold out since I waited too long to purchase one. So he ended up being a cowboy using things we already had around the house. I borrowed a puppy costume for Owen from my girlfriend and I am glad.

No costumes to stow away and no money spent. But he had fun, and that is all that matters!

Someday these boys will be able to tell me what they want to be and then I won't be able to get away with that!

We went to my parent's house because their neighborhood beat out ours in past years, but it seems like a lot of houses didn't participate this year, so we had to do a lot more walking.

Two out of seven of my siblings got to meet Owen for the first time.

Eli is a pro. He would go to the door saying "trick or treat" get his loot and say, "okay, next one!"
It was adorable. He was slower than his cousins because of the boots which was good with me and daddy.

We were able to go down a full block and back up before Owen became antsy to nurse and it was the perfect timing.

Then we spent the evening raiding Eli's know, quality control.

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