Saturday, November 30, 2013

Our Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving was spent at my hubby's fire station with his fire fighter's and their families. 
While I expected to snap pictures of turkey and the kids playing in the engine bay, I forgot to put my memory card in my camera, so when I went to snap some, I couldn't. 
I did manage to capture the clouds and scenery with my phone as I headed home with a full happy belly.

Eli had a great time. He rode his bike the entire time and I got to hang out with the other wives and show off Owen.
Originally, I wanted to spend it with family, but since every one was so spread out this year, and my mom didn't feel like hosting (she's in nursing school)...AND my hubby had to work...this was the best option. I really didn't want to cook for myself and a three year old. Owen doesn't count yet.

Eli woke up that morning saying, "Happy Halloween!" I explained it was not Halloween, but he insisted there must be presents, assuming it must be Christmas then. I told him it was Thanksgiving and that there was food and family, and it's a thankful day. He cried that Santa didn't bring presents and was so sad for a good while that it wasn't Christmas. 
Oh three year olds.

How was your Thanksgiving?

I am just so thankful for my little family...especially this.


  1. It's gotta be hard to keep all of the holidays straight when you're only 3! I'm glad you guys had a good thanksgiving together even if it was a little different than when you're able to get together with the rest of your family!

    1. He has a reason to get confused! Lots going on this time of year!


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