Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Owen at 3 Mos

How is it three months already?! I swear those lil kicks in my tummy were just yesterday, I guess it really is just fantom kicks. :(

Oh Owen. Let me tell you about this joy of a boy.

From the time we brought him home from the hospital (even the few hours after he was born) he has been a mellow guy, sleeping all night, napping easily and frequently and during those wakeful hours a complete blessing and joy to be around. Lucky much?

Yes, we are. 

The opposite of his older brother, he just goes with the flow and doesn't put up a fuss over much of anything really. My mom says he is the happiest baby she has ever seen.

We call him "little O" and never in a normal voice; the baby talk over here is RIDICULOUS!

He weighs 14lbs 3 oz as of his last doctor's visit. 
He's in the 50% for height and weight, but apparently his head is large, in the 80%. I do remember him hurting to push out! (hello natural birth!)

Loves tummy time. 

Rolled over at 2 mos, from tummy to back.

Coos and giggles.

Likes to watch sports on tv with daddy.

Loves bath time.

Falls asleep in the car almost every time.

Wearing 6 mos clothes and a few 3 mos.

Might be teething. Those hands are always in there and always drooly.

Sleeps through the night.

Just started going in the nursery at church.


  1. I was just going through some of my old blog posts and came across the one where I did a pregnancy reveal and saw your comment again (about how you just did a reveal too!) and I wanted to catch up with you! How are our little guys three months old already?! Gabriel was born on Aug. 23...when did Owen make his appearance? Yay, another natural birthing mama! :) Congrats!

    1. Owen was born August 20th 16 minutes past his due date. It's going so fast! Congratulations to you too! Your little guy is Soooo cute! Thank you for stopping by!


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