Friday, December 20, 2013

Baby Owen 4 Months~

I think I will be saying it every time I post a baby update...I cannot believe he is this big! I seriously wish I could shove him back in and start over. He's very much a baby, but with each new milestone it reminds me that will someday be a very distant memory. I cherish this time so. Thank heavens for journaling and pictures to enjoy later.

Rolls both directions.

Smiles all day long!

Loves to grab everything, and does it really really well!

Started talking in baby gibberish which is different than his cooing.

Weighs 15lbs and wears some 6 mos clothing, but mostly moving to 9 mos.

Size 3 diapers.

Tasted a banana for the first time, not by intention either! Mr. grabber!

Loves snuggles.

Soothes himself to sleep, but still enjoys cuddling on mommy.

Recovering from severe thrush for the last two months.

Scared of car rides in the dark. Doesn't mind the carseat during the day.

Takes two short naps early in the day and one long one in the late afternoon...then to bed promptly at 8pm every night, sometimes sooner.

 Loves his schedules.

Still sleeping through the night (thank goodness!)

Drooly all the time from possible teeth...or just drooly, who knows.

And still the happiest baby on the planet!

And a fun video from his first taste of banana. Once he had a taste, I couldn't bear to take it away he loved it so much!

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