Sunday, December 8, 2013

My birthday and Christmas photos

Yesterday was my birthday. I am officially in the last hoorah of my twenties! WHOA!

We celebrated the day before because we were expecting about 6 inches of snow, and two babies out in the elements? No.
My husband doted on me all morning, cooking me breakfast, then taking me to sushi which I hadn't had in over a year....and then a day of shopping! I don't even know what it is to do that anymore; it had been so long. I got new boots, sweaters, scarves and on my actual birthday he surprised me with a hard wood floor vacuum I had been wanting forever. If you know me that is a gift I would love!

My last present was family photos. I took them of course, but my family hates to get organized, look nice and be patient while I get the shots.
As with all our family photos they were taken with a tripod, so never perfect but I love them. It is our first professional ones together since Owen.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here!
 The house is decorated, tree is up and we have been drinking hot cocoa nightly by a warm fire!

And we even have a fun Holiday Bucket list to check off!


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