Wednesday, December 4, 2013


My little guy seems to be teething. While this picture paints him as a happy boy, he's been pretty fussy. 

Three consecutive nights of fevers and we both barely slept, a first for us. It's nice to have a happy baby so when he's fussy we know it's for a reason, but even sadder because you know it IS something. 

The odd part is he seems to be teething the bottom fang... It has me a bit freaked out because Eli got the bottom two first, then the top two, then his canine teeth. I asked his Dr. and she said while it's rare it does happen.

I'm also bummed he's teething at just 3mos. I think it might be awhile before they surface and in that time I just won't get much done since he's been wanting to nurse more and be held more. 
And I really really hope he's not getting his fang one first... Ouch!


  1. Wow 3 months is so young! Your going to have a baby vampire on your hands! You should get yourself an amber necklace/anklet. Helped tremendously with my lo. I also found easybreazybaby teething mittens were great because my lo couldn't handle a teether.

    1. Great suggestions! I'll look into that.


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