Monday, January 27, 2014

I Realized I'm Not That Strong...

Saturday we spent the day in urgent care and the ER because I discovered an abscess on Owen's little bum. Five hours later, they sent us home with antibiotics and we avoided an invasive surgery to drain it since it seemed to be draining on its own.

They presumed it occurred from loose stools from being on antibiotics from his bronchoilitis and ear infection. He hasn't seemed in the slightest affected by it, even though it can be rather serious.

I was a frazzled mess, toting around a double stroller, Eli and all the stuff to keep him entertained in waiting rooms. I had no idea we were going to be there all day when I made the appointment, but when the doctor got a concerned look on her face and made four calls to surgeons and specialists I felt my heart beat out of my chest.

We had to get an ultrasound but hadn't eaten since breakfast so Eli's patience was wearing thin and so was mine. When I loaded the stroller in the car to get us food before the ultrasound, I somehow packed it away with the car keys in it, so I spent twenty minutes searching before I found them.

By that time my hair was a wreck, I felt stressed and sweaty and tears were welling up in my eyes. I know it had little to do with the lost keys and more to do with not knowing what the ultrasound would say. That feeling of being helpless and wondering if your child will be okay is one I wish on no one.

The ultrasound showed very little and the ER surgeon couldn't do anything based on it. Because of Owen's demeanor and lack of symptoms we were sent home with just meds for now.

I tell ya, I feel relieved but still worried since nothing was done to resolve the abscess. I'm just praying it resolves on its own.

Still, doesn't he look like the happiest baby ever? All the nurses and doctors were enamoured by his disposition, calling him the Gerber baby.
Love him so so much!


  1. Oh LeiShell! I can't imagine how hard that was on you not knowing and all that waiting. Thank goodness everything wasn't as serious as I'm sure it felt to you when it was happening. I'm sure I would have completely lost it when I got home. Prayers for you all!

    1. Thank you so much! I really am a mess when my kids aren't well, so I'm glad that they are healthy almost all the time. It means a lot for your concern and kind words.

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I'm glad he didn't require surgery or anything invasive and I really hope it clears up with just the medicine. Poor little guy - he does look really happy, though.


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