Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Owen 5 Months

The past few weeks have been rough for this precious boy. He's just recovering from Bronchiolitis and a nasty ear infection. 
I took him in last week because I just felt like it wasn't your typical run of the mill cold...and sure enough. They even tested him for rsv, but no word came back on that, so hopefully he didn't have that.

It's been a mere five months...and I can say, already?, or how did that come so fast?....but I won't because it makes it hurt less. In one more month he will be halfway to his first birthday and I know I am going to need a box of tissues just thinking about it. 

But I am not thinking about it.
I am living in this moment, enjoying all the sweet milestones this boy is accomplishing right now.


Owen at Five Months

Loves to Grab my face. Or anything for that matter!

Starting to do "down dog" with his bum all high in the air. Next is scooting, I know it.

Still teething off and on, but no teeth yet.

Wears 9 month clothing.

In size 3 diapers.

Weighs 15lbs 9oz

Sits upright with pillows behind him.

Rode in the grocery cart for the first time the other day!

Still sleeping on schedule and through the night, nursing once maybe twice.

Loves his brother!

Big time momma's boy. Daddy can cut it, but momma is where its at!

Tried a pear wedge that I cut the other day and LOVED it. There was a full blown baby tantrum when I took it away.
Still exclusively breastfeeding with no solids yet.

Loves to jump. I can tell him to "jump" "jump" and he does.

Still has this momma's heart. And still the sweetest happiest baby on the planet!

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  1. SO adorable!!! Our girl is just recovering from double ear infections-not fun when they are sick:( Glad he is getting better!!


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