Friday, February 7, 2014

Our Mini Vacation

A few weeks ago, before the colds overtook our house and put us all out for the count, there was a vacation. Well, a mini one.

It included a stay at our timeshare, basking in the wonderful sun (surely it wasn't January) and a trip to a Wild Animal Park.

With the remnants of a cold still lingering, my kids slowly recovering and my husband just entering it's grasp...we are dreaming of this little getaway again and reliving the wonderful memories we made. Vacations make you carefree and spontaneous, maybe not a quality we've known much of lately and it was further sweetened by the fact that since Owen was born, we haven't had one.

We let Eli eat Cheez-Its in bed.

Take hour long bubble baths with the jet tub, with the bubbles overflowing the sides, sopping them up with every towel in the bathroom. Who cared? We'd just send down for more!

There were two hour coffee sessions in the early morning. I didn't sleep in the whole trip. Mornings were refreshing, waiting for the sun to crest the mountain and watching Eli play in the grass, even though it was freshly dampened by sprinklers. Mornings meant possibilities. 
What would be do today?

Maybe play in the trees...
Or trek down to the pool to catch some rays and a swimming sesh for Eli...

Or let baby toes dip in for their first experience...
Or Warm up on the warm concrete...

The first days were just a repeat of relaxation, fun and delicious food...while the last day we decided to go to the Wild Animal Park since it boasted some pretty fun animals in close, real proximity...more like the real deal.

We bought the kids hats. And I made them pose on everything possibly touristy.

 The park was long and the sun was taking it out of us fast, so we hopped on the tram to experience the park a little more restfully.
While we didn't make it to all the animals we wanted, we were able to stop to enjoy things Eli had particular interest in.

And some I had interest in, like the rhinos and elephants.
I carried Owen in my moby and he fell asleep twice throughout our touring.
Eli walked most of it, with exception of about ten minutes on daddy's shoulders. We let him carry the map so he could tell us where we should go next.

We all got a kick out of the sleeping lion on the car. And not to mention the Cheetah they had on a leash just walking through the park! He got spooked and she had to stop to reassure him!

We admired a cute little marsupial no bigger than her hand.
But for me, by far the cutest attraction was little Owen in his floppy hat, so much so I couldn't resist taking pictures of him every chance I had!

I already cannot wait to go back to see what we missed. Such a fun time for our family....

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  1. What a fabulous little getaway! Looks like you all had a great time and I agree, Owen is pretty darn cute in his floppy hat :)


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